The Singer - Story behind the shot
Reflection of a man looking into the mirror

I've know Virendra for a long time. We were in school together, then lost touch for a long time. That was around 1997-8. Internet was not so pervasive and I generally lost touch with most of the school friends. A few years ago, thanks to Facebook and WhatsApp etc., I cam in touch with Virendra again. Turned out that we were in the same city Bombay! He had moved to Bombay for a while. So we met at his place in Saki Naka, and what a meeting it wsa. Virendra cooked amazing mutton and we sat down for drinks. I was tired from the days shoot and was heading home when we decided to meet. This was supposed to be a short meeting. I eventually left around 3, drunk and full of mutton and RD Burman. 

Both of us are big RD Burman fans!!!

What a night it was, we ate, drank and sang RD numbers. Virendra knew as much and more about RD as I did. Being a great singer he belted out the numbers as fast as I could request! That's my idea of a great evening, mutton, music, daaru and Virendra singing RDB songs in the background! 

About this picture. We were both high by the time I took out my camera. Virendra being camera shy didn't want the mood to be broken, so I waited till I got him unaware some time later. I jumped him from behind and clicked this picture by surprise. What a catch.

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